production of 360 films

we produce films that transport employees into a world of profound experience and safe interaction, set in the reality of the company and with a script that accurately recreates workplace situations


we design interactive applications in VR so that the employee can experiment by testing different behaviours and learning about their effects

e-learning combined with VR-learning

we have developed a unique technology that combines training in VR goggles with training on an e-learning platform. This allows the participant to seamlessly transition between VR and online exercises. The whole experience is intuitive, consistent and fully remote.

proven knowledge

we use the proven knowledge and tools of andragogy and psychology - especially behavioural-cognitive and Transactional Analysis - so that our training is emotionally engaging, effective and psychologically safe


our professional actors are able to faithfully reproduce any professional situation, playing the most demanding roles of characters from various professions, so that the employee experiences emotions similar to those of real working life


business education experts design and deliver classes using modern technology, providing knowledge and practice in a digitised, graphical form that is accessible to the employee anywhere, anytime and in any language version