Gdańsk Foundation for Management Development

Here is an example of the use of ‘off the shelf’ training.

The aim of our client, the Gdansk Foundation for Management Education, was to offer Executive MBA students a training course of outstanding didactic value.

The topic of the training was dealing with difficult attitudes of employees towards the goals set. This is a situation that managers at all levels, in all organisations, face on a daily basis. IDEACENTER offers ready-made training courses, responding to the frequent and universal challenges faced by managers and employees. This was also the case with the training course ‘Difficult situations in a manager’s work’. The training was conducted in the classroom, by a duo of trainers – a GFKM trainer and IDEACENTER trainers. Such a duo made it possible to link the training with the study programme and, at the same time, efficiently apply the VIREMO™ methodology.

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How is the training going?

During the workshop, participants are equipped with Oculus goggles to meet virtual employees – whose silhouettes are shown opposite – who react in different ways to the goals set. Through exercises in the goggles, participants safely test different interview strategies with employees demonstrating unconstructive attitudes towards the goals set. The training teaches mechanisms to remain calm and decisive in the face of aggression, passivity and manipulation, as well as how to recognise and influence individual attitudes.

Opinie uczestników szkolenia:

"The goggles allow you to isolate yourself and focus on the situation, nothing distracts you and there is no substitute for that figure on the TV screen, computer screen, there won't be that focus effect. Managers are often" red" or "blue" (according to DISC - editor's note) and don't pay attention to emotions, they are irrelevant to them, and these exercises in VR showed that emotions are also worthwhile and can be worked with."

"The repetitive nature of the situation allows you to focus on yourself, because in the real world I only focus on the employee because I only get one chance."

"I liked the fact that I was able to repeat the observation of exactly the same thing several times, as this is not possible at work."

"It is interesting to observe yourself first and then the employee, there is no time for that at work/ in reality".

"Especially when coming into contact with an aggressive employee, the cool thing was that it was in a safe and controlled environment (...) I felt safe".

Customer feedback:

We introduced virtual reality technology into MBA programmes in areas related to people management, specifically the aspect of a manager having difficult conversations with different types of employees. The use of VR elements has been fitted into the programme – as part of the overall development process. We do not treat this technology as an eye-catching gadget, although of course classes conducted using it gain in attractiveness. VR primarily helps us to achieve specific didactic goals,’

– says Tomasz Harackiewicz, board member of the Gdansk Foundation for Management Training.

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