Benefits of VIREMO™

Saving time

VIREMO™ training at the Learning Station takes 3x less time than classroom training with goggles. According to PwC research, goggle training shortens training by 4 times compared to classroom training.

Budget savings

In the case of off-the-shelf (“Off the shelf”) training, the saving starts with just one purchased training course. In the case of ‘bespoke’ training, with a group of 80 employees, the cost is reduced by 50%. 

Measuring learning progress

Both in the VR goggles and on the platform, it is possible to record exercise results. The reports can be used by participants, trainers and managers. The results make it possible to design the next development steps. According to PwC research, participants are 275% more likely to apply new competences in practice after VR training than after traditional training.


SE training in particular provides access to soft skills training for a large group of employees. 

Emotional involvement

Exercises in VR goggles evoke real and intense emotions, focus attention and induce changes in attitude, thinking and self-awareness. The ongoing feedback they receive encourages them to keep practising. According to PwC research, those exercising with VR goggles are 3.75 times more emotionally connected to the content than those exercising without goggles.

Emotional security and concentration

exercises in VR goggles provide intimacy, the participant cuts himself off from reality and can experience situations of varying emotional intensity in a safe environment. He is honest and open with himself. No one is watching him or interfering with his experience. In a PwC study, it was shown that during exercises in VR goggles, participants are 4 times more focused than during traditional training sessions

Individual fitting

exercises in VR goggles can be performed repeatedly and the intensity of the exercises can be increased by testing additional strategies. This allows each participant to tailor the level and intensity of the exercises to their individual needs.

High standard

training in VR ensures high quality learning. Every participant sees exactly the same situations in VR/360 and performs the same exercises. This maintains the desired standard and content in every training session, regardless of the trainer or group. This is important if an employer wants to implement new attitudes or working standards across an entire organisation or large team.