ABC of a Manager

Practice leadership in the world of VUCA. The participant interacts with employees and colleagues. Learns to adopt a constructive attitude towards diverse/difficult behaviour. Practises and tests leadership actions. Training courses available individually or as a package.

Sales and negotiation

Practice dealing with the key challenges in a sales person's job. Participants develop confidence and self-control . They interact with customers and test the effectiveness of sales and negotiation techniques . Training courses can be delivered as independent components or as a whole.

Cafeteria of soft skills training

A set of 'evergreen' soft skills: feedback, assertiveness, stress management and communication. Each training course can be delivered separately or as a package. In addition, we are introducing the new topic Work Life Balance in times of pandemonium.

VR trainer - certification training

Trainers use VIREMO™ training and VR goggle exercises in their training programmes for the clients they work with. We confirm VR coaching competence with a named certificate for specific VIREMO™ trainings.

VIREMO™ training ready

Quickly available, turnkey product for organizations that want to optimize training costs and time investment. Need to develop soft skills in universal areas, e.g. communicating in professional interactions, responding in difficult situations, assertiveness.

VIREMO™ tailor-made training

A custom product for organizations that want to have their own unique training program, incorporating specific content, addressing the products of the films, the culture and the language used by employees and customers. We design and produce complete training programs for the client's internal use. VR exercises focus on the development of specific soft skills that the Client wants to develop in its employees. The client receives the copyright to the product.