Leadership training - in Polish and English

VIREMO™ training for leaders, available in Polish and English, is designed for classroom instruction. The training material “Practices for responding to situations of lack of commitment by employees and colleagues” consists of an interactive VR application together with 180 O videos. The programme is divided into 4 VR modules of approximately 20 minutes each. The trainer integrates the VR exercises into his leadership training programme. We recommend using the material over 2 training days.

The training can be integrated into larger development processes carried out by the organisation (e.g. Manager’s Academy) or carried out independently.

The idea behind the training

The learner takes on the role of a manager who is tasked with recognising and consciously influencing their own emotions and supporting employees in difficult situations. The training is based on the concepts of developing emotional intelligence (according to Daniel Goleman) and basic emotions (according to Paul Ekman). It uses the concept of Transactional Analysis.

View from the app

The training is designed for:

– broadly defined managers and executives,
– managers with short seniority in a team leadership role,
– managers with more seniority who need to strengthen their skills in selected competence areas.

In the programme

Practice managing yourself under stress and tension at work in your relationships with employees and colleagues

Module 1: Building self-awareness of emotions and attitudes,

Module 2: Influencing yourself, building self-confidence

Practice responding to difficult and undesirable behaviours of employees and colleagues,

Module 3: Developing the ability to read others,

Module 4: Flexibility in leadership styles.


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