VIREMO™ Method

Professional actors and scenery faithfully recreate the working environment in VR/360 films. The participant interacts with different characters (employee, colleague, manager, client) during the VR goggles exercise.

The application takes the participant to different situations and relevant moments of the situation. The participant solves problems, chooses his reactions and tests the consequences of his behaviour. He experiences different emotions and builds awareness of his/her experiences towards these behaviours.

skuteczny trening VR

Each participant can repeat the exercises and evaluate his or her progress or observe his or her reactions and the effectiveness of the methods practised. The app provides ongoing feedback on the accuracy of the choices and effectiveness. The app also conveys key knowledge about the mechanisms of the practised behaviours. This includes brief feedback and inspiration for reflection. Data from the exercise results can be collected in the form of reports for the participant.

Exercises in VR goggles are combined with group learning in a room (training with a trainer) or with learning on an e-learning platform (stand-alone training on a learning station (SE).

Watch an interview by Tomasz Słodki, author of the Słodki Live channel with Joanna Jadach, co-creator of the VIREMO™ method. From the interview you will find out why VR is so effective in soft skills development training, how the VIREMO TM method works and much more.

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Two forms of training using the VIREMO™ method:

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