Agnieszka Sokołowska

co-founder and CEO of IDEACENTER, with over 15 years of experience in management and board positions. She worked for significant ICT companies including Oracle and where she gained experience in several industries. She was also co-founder of two technology startups (e-travel and gaming industry). She held the position of board member of the Association of Management Trainers and Consultants MATRIK where she led international educational projects. She has worked as a management consultant, co-implementing a number of consulting projects aimed at increasing the innovativeness of Polish companies. At IDEACENTER, she is responsible for technology and business development.

Man about man,

or Aśka about Agnieszka:

Agnieszka is a business and life strategist. She combines iron consistency and stubbornness with diplomacy and sensitivity. She is able to lead several projects simultaneously without losing sight of any of them. He generously shares his accumulated knowledge and experience and constantly expands it. She bravely thinks about the future and looks for opportunities in it. She turns dreams into realised goals and that is why it is worth working with her. Watching Agnieszka travel, one might have a suspicion that she perceives space differently than the average Earthling.

Joanna Jadach

Joanna Jadach

Co-founder and Vice President of IDEACENTER, Learning and Development and HRM expert, organisational development consultant, trainer, mentor, coach. She draws on 20 years of business experience in various positions: HR Business Partner, L&D manager, project manager, sales manager. She has worked for corporate clients in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, logistics and finance. She has worked for many years as a sales manager and HR Business Partner for the sales department. At IDEACENTER, she is responsible for product development and sales.

Man about man,

or Agnieszka about Aśka::

Joasia is a professional. Everything she does is based on sound, constantly updated knowledge. She does not believe in the status quo and has the courage to reach for new solutions, even if it requires a lot of effort and hardship. He is a tireless innovator, sees new opportunities and boldly pursues his visions. He listens very carefully to the needs of his clients and colleagues. This gives great comfort in working with Joasia. Given her sense of humour, there is a suspicion that she was a secret member of the Monty Python Group.

Our multidisciplinary team consists of trainers, psychologists, Learning & Development experts, VR experts, programmers, videographers, actors, e-learning experts. We currently have the pleasure of working with, among others:

KRZYSZTOF RAWSKI – e-learning and blended learning expert, creates IT platforms for knowledge management.

ANNA LEŚNIKOWSKA-JAROS – psychologist, trainer and HR consultant. She is an expert in soft issues related to human resources management.

ADRIAN ŁAPCZYŃSKI – expert in the VR industry, is an experienced and award-winning film director and cinematographer.

ANNA DYL – certified business coach, consultant, Transactional Analysis practitioner.