is a fast and effective method of developing soft skills using VR, which can be applied on a large scale – saving time and money.

Thanks to VIREMO™, every person can develop their soft skills, regardless of profession, location and time.

This is how we contribute to building cooperation and understanding between people in different environments.

VIREMO™ - The secret to effective soft skills development

The conditions, prevailing at a group training, when everyone participates in exercises and watches you practice new behaviors, are not conducive to practicing soft skills. This is especially frustrating for teams where there is natural competition (salespeople, managers).

Conditions that increase the effectiveness of soft skills training:

intensive experience

getting into different situations and interactions and testing what works and what doesn't.

openness and honesty

towards himself.

psychological safety

participant will be confident that he will not expose himself to ridicule, will not undermine his authority and will protect his privacy.

emotional involvement

Exercises must evoke emotions, move and make people think. Only then can an adult change his views, discover values and make decisions to change his behavior.

Key soft competencies that are top of mind according to: Linked In:

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Przywództwo i zarządzanie
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Creative problem solving and design thinking
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What is the VIREMO™ method based on?

During the training, participants use the VR goggles repeatedly, alternating with other forms of training. We transport participants to a virtual reality (VR) world where they meet various characters in different situations. Professional actors recreate specific professional situations related to the topic in order for participants to develop relevant competences. The high intensity of the VR exercises and the psychological safety trigger the emotional involvement of the participants. The role of the trainer in the VR goggles is taken over by an interactive app that moderates the exercises, imparts new knowledge and provides ongoing feedback. The role of the trainer outside the goggles is played by a lecturer on the e-learning platform or a real trainer.

Jak wygląda trening VR
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Why soft skills and VR?

Watch a short video explaining how VR works in soft skills training and what the VIREMO method is all about.