VIREMO supports the development of MBA students

In the last few days, we presented a new version of our VR-based soft skills training programme, VIREMO ™, to the MBA students of the Gdansk Foundation for Management Education (GFKM). The applause our trainers received was a great reward for all of us and a clear confirmation that our innovation WORKS 🙂

The aim of VIREMO ™ is to increase the effectiveness of soft skills training for managers and employees. The VR applications and the 360 ° videos we produced faithfully reproduce the real business context, with professional actors portraying workplace situations that evoke real emotions – and this is crucial for the development of soft skills.

Trainees said that:

  • Particularly when confronted with an aggressive employee, the cool thing was that it was in a safe and controlled environment – no shirt tugging, I felt safe
  • The VR goggles allow you to isolate yourself and focus on the situation, nothing distracts you and there’s no substitute for that character on the TV screen, computer screen, there won’t be that focus effect.
  • The repetitive nature of the situation allows you to focus on yourself, because in real life I only focus on the employee because I only get one chance
  • If you want to put on the VR goggles and see what’s inside, contact us 🙂

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