We are developing

soft competences

leaders and employees using

virtual reality (VR)

  • To develop soft skills, people need to feel emotions. Thanks to VR, it has become possible to evoke emotions in a digital environment that are close to the real thing – it is this fact that we use in VIREMO training.
  • VR is a technology that allows you to transport yourself into any space. Simply put on
    goggles to find yourself in a client’s office to negotiate or meet with an employee.
  • Trainees emphasise that VR allows them to learn with focus and a sense of security.
  • At the core of soft skills is emotional intelligence. That is why the framework for VIREMO™ training is to work on the development of emotional intelligence.
  • VIREMO works particularly well where the work requires confronting strong emotions – in the profession of a manager, salesman or customer service employee, as well as in training on universal topics touching on emotions, such as assertiveness or giving feedback.
  • Are you a soft skills trainer and looking for new training tools to enhance your offering?

  • Join the ranks of VIREMO™ certified trainers.

  • VIREMO ensures high effectiveness and learner satisfaction. More than 90% of participants rated VIREMO training as attractive or very attractive.


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Users of our VIREMO™ training using VR