Become a certified VIREMO trainer

Certified trainers use VIREMO™ training and VR goggle exercises in their training programmes for the clients they work with. We confirm VR trainer competence with a named trainer certificate of VIREMO™.


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Train the Trainers training programme "VIREMO - a VR tool for soft skills trainers":

1) Getting to know the equipment – VR goggles Oculus Quest2

– hands-on practice of using the equipment

– preparing participants to use the goggles

2) Practicing VR training

– what the VIREMO method is all about,

– VR applications and exercises on the e-learning platform,

– VIREMOTM in classroom training and for self-learning,

– practice giving instructions for working with VR goggles

– giving assistance/guidance to practitioners with VR goggles,

– conducting reflection/feedback sessions after exercises in VR goggles

3) Working with reports

– how to download reports

– interpreting results and designing further development activities

4) How to offer VIREMO to clients

– research findings on the effectiveness of VR,

– sales arguments,

– licensing principles,

– scope of support for trainers from IDEACENTER


Sign up today for the next training event: 

DATE: 28 June 2024


Enrolment accepted until 24 June, by email to agnieszka.sokolowska@ideacenter.eu


490 PLN net – early bird, when paid by 31 May 2024

650 PLN net when paid on or after 1 June 2024

The number of places is limited (10). 

Before taking part in the training, it is necessary to rent goggles (free of charge) and do your own training according to the VIREMO method. During Train the Trainers we will build on this experience for effective learning. 

Get certified as a VIREMO trainer and stand out in bid competitions and tenders! 

Trainers on VIREMO™.

When conducting training sessions using VR, I have noticed that participants learn more interestingly, lighter and more effectively. More interesting not only because we like the new technology, but mainly because of the sensations of authenticity of the situation provided. Lighter, because VR exercises allow for safe learning, at your own pace with the possibility to try different scenarios over and over again. More effectively, because participants are more engaged, due to the fact that VR creates opportunities for focus and deeper reflection and the situations they encounter are ‘real life’ so it is easier to transfer the new skills to their own lives.

Viremo is a tool that enhances the learning experience on the part of both the participants and the trainer. It is important to me that, thanks to Viremo, I offer my participants participation in an experience that is predictable, repeatable, safe and, at the same time, extremely engaging. This allows me to maximise the substantive value and effectiveness of the training process. In addition, Viremo is easy to use, intuitive. I don’t need to be a technology whiz to use Viremo freely and guide participants through the training steps.